Sitemap - 2022 - ETH Daily

ERC-4337 Bundler Compatibility Test Suite

Ethereum Foundation R&D Updates

Anon User Publishes Leaked 3Commas APIs

Taiko Deploys ZK-EVM Public Testnet

1inch Network Releases Fusion Upgrade

Flashbots Runs Geth Inside SGX

Visa Pilots Auto Payments On StarkNet

Ren Protocol Shutting Down Ren 1.0

Maple Finance 2.0 Introduces Modular Contracts

Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act

ConsenSys ZK-EVM Testnet Private Beta

ConsenSys Releases Data Retention Update

Optimism Retroactive Public Goods Round 2

Aave Companies Acquires Sonar Moji

MakerDAO Increases DAI Savings Rate To 1%

Apple Rejects Coinbase Wallet Over NFT Feature

Uniswap NFT Aggregator Goes Live

Curve Releases Stablecoin Whitepaper

Flashbots Builder Is Now Open Source

PartyDAO Launches Party Protocol

Uniswap Introduces Universal Router

Lens API Introduces Gated Publications

MobyMask Phishing Protection Tool

Nike Launches .Swoosh NFT Platform On Polygon

CowSwap Proposes MEV Capturing AMMs

Reduced Builder Fees Slated For Shanghai Upgrade

MetaMask Releases Bridge Aggregator

Binance Signs LOI To Acquire

a16z Introduces Helios Ethereum Light Client

Immutable X Enforceable NFT Royalties

Lens Protocol Integrates DMs via XMTP

Meta Reveals NFT Minting Tools For Instagram

ConsenSys Registers As MakerDAO Delegate

Former MakerDAO Co-Founder Found Dead

zkSync Launches V2 Baby Alpha Mainnet

Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine

Compound Pauses Low Liquidity Tokens

Reddit NFTs Hit $2.5 Million Daily Volume

MakerDAO Approves $1.6 Billion Coinbase Proposal

EIP-2535 Diamond Standard Now Finalized

Rarible V2 Aggregated NFT Marketplace

Blur Zero-Fee NFT Marketplace

$veCRV Holders Could Receive $crvUSD Interest

Optimism Introduces The OP Stack

Flashbots 🤖 Introduces SUAVE

ConsenSys Releases ZK-EVM Specification

Offchain Labs Acquires Prysmatic Labs

Google Cloud To Accept Crypto Payments

Polygon Launches ZK-EVM Public Testnet

MakerDAO 500 Million DAI Bond Investment

Binance Chain Paused Amid Bridge Exploit

deBridge Announces deSwap Liquidity Network

SeaDrop Registry Now Open Source

Lens Integrates Push Protocol Notifications

Aztec Network Introduces ERC-4626 Bridge

MetaMask Releases Portfolio Dapp

Circle Expands USDC To Five New Chains

Robinhood Wallet Beta Release On Polygon

ERC-20R Reversible Ethereum Transactions

CFTC Charges bZeroX And Ooki DAO

GitHub Unbans Tornado Cash Repositories

Coinbase Cloud Launches Node RPC

OpenSea Supports Arbitrum NFTs

Vitalik’s Three Visions For Layer 3s

Infura Reveals Decentralized Infrastructure Service

Compound Treasury Launches Institutional Borrowing

Ethereum Merges, Activating Proof-of-Stake

OFAC Clarifies Process For Tornado Cash Withdrawals

Starbucks Announces Polygon-Based NFT Rewards

Vitalik Proposes Solutions For Recurring ENS Fees

Coinbase Funds Lawsuit Against U.S. Treasury

LayerZero Scan Omnichain Block Explorer

Ethereum’s Beacon Chain Upgrades To Bellatrix

Binance Converges Stablecoins Into $BUSD

ConsenSys Launches Merge NFTs

Sudoswap Reveals Governance Token Launch

Curve Stablecoin May Launch In September

cETH Frozen On Compound V2 Amid Oracle Error

Meta NFT Support On Instagram And Facebook

Hetzner Bans Blockchain Node Operators

Compound III Is Now Live

Coinbase ENS Subdomains Now Claimable

Coinbase Launches cbETH Liquid Staking

Ethereum Mainnet Merge Client Releases

FTX Reportedly Warns Users Not To Interact With Aztec Network

GnosisSafe Publishes $SAFE Distribution Proposal

Flashbots Relay Is Now Open Source

MakerDAO Deploys DAI Bridge For Arbitrum Nova

Coin Center To Challenge OFAC In Court

Dutch Police Arrest Tornado Cash Developer

Ethereum Merge Targeted For September 15th/16th

Orbiter Releases L2 Data Analytics Tracker

Curve Finance Suffers DNS Hijack Attack

Circle Freezes USDC Amid Tornado Cash Sanctions

OP Summer Incentives Begin

Arbitrum To Launch Nitro On August 31st

Socket Launches Synthetix Bridge

Magic Eden Expands To Ethereum

Tiffany & Co 30 ETH CryptoPunk Pendants

7 Years Since Ethereum Launched

$150 Million Drained From Nomad Exploit

Synapse Protocol To Launch An Optimistic Rollup

ENS Domain Name Wrappers

Ethereum Shadow Fork 10 Goes Live

Mirror Releases Wallet-Based Subscriptions

ENS Hits 500K Unique Addresses

Curve To Launch Over-Collateralized Stablecoin

ENS.Vision Launches ENS Marketplace

The Merge, Surge, Verge, Purge, Splurge

Zapper V2 NFT And DAO Dashboards

Scroll, Polygon, and zkSync Release zkEVM

Across Bridge To Earn Token Launch

Coinbase Adds Support For ENS Domains

Premint Hack Drains Over $300k In NFTs

Putin Signs Law Banning Crypto Payments

Ethereum Merge Scheduled For September

Celsius Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

StarkWare Confirms StarkNet Token Launch

Hackers Steal 7,500 ETH In Uniswap Phishing Attack

Arbitrum Nova Data Availability Chain

Uniswap 1 Basis Point Fee Tier on Optimism

OpenZeppelin Releases Contracts For Cairo

StarkWare Plans Regenesis For StarkNet Alpha

Reddit Launches Polygon NFT Avatar Collectables

Yuga Labs Tests Otherside Metaverse

Voyager Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

ZigZag InvisibL3 Privacy Focused L3 ZK-Rollup

Immutable Launches $IMX Staking Program

Polygon Avail Launches Testnet

BlockFi Admits $80 Million Loss From 3AC

FTX Reportedly Buying BlockFi For $25 Million